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Hey, Babe, wanna ride?

I'm Natalie. You can call me Nat. Welcome to my world. It's a world of earthly delights, fantasies come true, and where stress melts away... and only pleasure remains.


My physique is lithe and toned from yoga and roller skating, giving me excellent stamina. I love experimenting in the kitchen, working on creating healthy and clean meals. But my real passion is my art. Jewelry-making is where a good amount of my free time goes. I love working with my hands and creating something beautiful.


But enough about me..... who are you? What do you want? What do you like? Would you like to get to know a passionate artist that has exceptionally talented hands.....? Interested? I hope so! 


My preference is to spend time with people that want stimulating conversation, sly looks over drinks, anticipation, and creating lasting memories.










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