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AW Collection

"Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."

-William Blake


Are you wearing socks? More importantly, are you ready to have them rocked off? Let my sleek athletic frame guide our bodies in a symphony of rhythmic and pulsing delight.

Spend any length of time with me and you'll realize my petite androgynous build is bursting with life, lust, humor, and comfort. Let me be a refuge for the parts of you that wish they had more time in the sunlight. My favorite book of the bible is Song of Songs because it is so sexy.


Do not book me if you dislike jokes, music, or pictures of the cutest dog in the world. 


With over a decade of professional expertise, my skills are vast and varied. From classic companionship with a deep understanding that allows you to relax and melt, to the delicious frisson that comes with a kinky encounter, let me be your guide to explore the depths of the most vital place: You.

My areas of expertise and interest:


-accessibility friendly

-kink, fetish, and BDSM


-gender exploration

-virtual sessions

-private mold making/body part reproduction



5.27.24 - 5.28.24         

5.29.24 - 6.1.24   

6.2.24 - 6.5.24     

6.6.24 - 6.11.24    

6.17.24 - 6.20.24 

6.25.24 - 7.2.24

7.7.24 - 8.1.24

        Tulsa OK


Indianapolis IN


Rochester NY

Western MA

Boston MA

DFW (homebase)

Seattle WA

DFW (homebase)

My home base is Dallas TX but I will be traveling a bit this summer (yay!) FMTY dates are also available on a very limited basis. After august I will not be touring very far (FMTY will still be available) for the following year due to a rigorous academic program. 

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