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Good things happened with MS Natalie Leight

I asked Natalie to help me work out an evening (cpl hrs) with a duo and, well, us (couple). I got lucky contacting Natalie as she was quick and clear in communicating, learning, and working out details. Once we established that I was serious and did some screening we setup a meeting with AprilRain.

Did I just see any smiles out there from anyone knowing either or the two of these ladies? Well I'm smiling, still, either way. So the plan we hatched turned out to be a good idea all around. Hanging out with the two of them together was like hanging with a couple funny, smart friends. I realize details are helpful for folks out there and I apologize for being light on them. I can attest to both ladies being sexy fun professionals, if that helps.




Afternoon perfection

Initial contact with Natalie was easy. She was prompt and after references were confirmed we had a time set for this afternoon. When I arrived at her incall I found it nice and secure. She greeted me with a dfk and showed me to the shower. After a quick shower we were quickly tangled up in her bed. Her body is perfect in my mind, thin but still with curves. I let her pretty much run the show and looking back I don't think I would have changed a thing. I had a great time and plan to repeat, she's great looking, great body and a personality too match.



Fun time with Natalie

Set up with Natalie was very quick and easy through her contact form on her website and a follow up PM. We arranged to meet at her incall and she sent confirmation texts and very clear instructions. She greeted me in skin tight leather leggings, heals, and a cute top. I must say, watching her walk upstairs in those leather leggings is worth the price of admission....


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