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Many of our neighbors are without homes and struggling without shelter, supplies, or kindness.

Mission: acquire helpful items and bring them with you to our session

Items to unlock reward: gently used (no holes/stains) rain jackets, hats/gloves, box of handwarmers (more than 1 pr), new socks, box of tampons/pads, box of power/cliff/meal replacement bar, instant coffee sachets, 24 pack of water bottle 

Reward: PNW // QV 120 // HHR 150 // HR 300 // 90MIN 400 // 2HRS 500 // OVRNT 1500


FOR THOSE BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF THE GREAT PACIFIC NORTHWEST: Due to space constraints when traveling, I cannot accept items, but your local shelter can! That said, you should still be rewarded for your triumph. Mention the KIND HEARTS QUEST in your introduction for special pricing.


Do you accept this quest? y/n

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