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Occassionally I meet a lady that I click with on a visceral and electric level. It doesn't happen all that often and I tend to be rather selective with whom I work. Below are a few that make my toes curl, my body quiver, and my mind beg for more. If you are intersted in a duo with me and one of my delectable friends, just let me know.


Gwen Starling

Gwen is truly a joy and one of my favorite friends to play with. A great conversationalist, she can engage you with her clever wit and her excellent role play skills. Gwen is now located in NYC so book a tryst with us when i visit her or when she visits me!

Sol Finer

Sol is a not your average girl-next-door; she definitely aims to please with her elegant, erotic presence. She has looks to match her smarts, and the yoga body to test. Sol is based in Seattle. 



Holly Marie


Currently residing in Colorado, this voluptuous amazonian vixen travels through Seattle from time to time and we make a delectable team. Wont you be the meat in our sandwich?

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